Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Notes from the TV Wasteland

Does anyone else think that blue-haired loon Jonathan on The Amazing Race is a certified wife-beater? I mean, after last night's meltdown, someone should really set up some kind of intervention for that poor lady. His claims here.

Also, I caught a few moments of the incredibly uninteresting Spike TV Video Game Awards. Snoozefest. Not to mention watching any of it w/ that obnoxious DJ (Mixmaster Mike?) babbling on about whatever was a test in itself. Malcom from the Middle making jokes about a five-some w/ the Donnas. As if that little punk can't get way hotter chicks than the Donnas (everyone knows the only kinda hot Donna is married anyway).

Was the Video Game Awards the only place that was interested in a Motley Crue reunion? And during "Dr. Feelgood" I could have sworn they pulled an Ashlee Simpson and screwed up the timing to their backing track.

Samuel Jackson accepting "Game of the Year" honors for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas while repeatedly referring to it as Grand Theft Auto 2 was pretty amusing, however. I guess if Rockstar cared about their game being represented correctly someone woulda showed up. From what I saw of the show, though, I guess I can't blame them for skipping it.


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