Wednesday, December 08, 2004

PG-13 for Cursed? Blade:Trinity didn't suck.

Apparently, Weinstein wants to make Cursed PG-13. Originally, Wes Craven + Rick Baker + werewolves sounded pretty damn cool. But after hearing the story, with the reshoots and all the trouble this movie has been through, I'm not holding out much hope for it being any good. But, PG-13? I don't know if I could even bring myself to the theatre for that. PG-13 is what kept my money in my pocket when it came to that guaranteed crapfest AvP. If it had been rated R I probably would have at least went to check it out.

I didn't expect much from Blade: Trinity, for example, but if it was rated PG-13 I wouldn't have even bothered to see it in the theatre. I just got back and it wasn't that bad. Triple H and Parker Posey weren't so rad. And Posey's fangs in particular weren't helping her deliver her lines. But Dracula-in-monster-form looked kinda cool, Jessica Biel was hot (if, unfortunately, not naked--again. She was hotter in Chainsaw, tho), and for a Blade movie it was fine. Blade 2 was probably better, but 3 was still better than 1.


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