Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Class Action, Overtime, & Electronic Arts

Ah, tons of overtime expected all the time w/o pay. I wouldn't know anything about that. Looks like the "creatives" are battling back against the corporate monster. At least those poor saps at least got a feel-good memo.

The idea that developers "relish flexibility" particularly raised hackles: "This is supposed to imply that a salary-based schedule allows professionals a little flexibility in their work hours, not like the poor blue-collar bastards that have to punch a clock. Salary was supposed to mean that some weeks you work a little more, some weeks a little less, but in general you put in 40 hours a week. The entire concept of salary is meaningless if your continued employment depends upon you working 60+ hours a week," wrote one poster.

And, ah, "relishing flexibility." Right, right. I always relished racking up loads of illegal comp time without ever having the time to actually take it.


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