Tuesday, November 09, 2004

NFL Week 10 Prognostications

It's Week 10 and time to update the Preseason Prognostications. None of this means a damn thing, of course, it's just to hear myself talk. Obviously the Dolphins claim was completely preposterous; 10 losses are imminent, and Wannstedt is out before the season is up.

Chiefs are the biggest bust of the year. Get some players on defense and try again next year fellas. They're not making the playoffs. Same defensive woes likely keep the Colts sitting at home in January for yet another year, but with McNair out and the Titans ailing, they'll win their division to make the playoffs. Steelers look like the surprise Team of Destiny this year and a return to the Super Bowl isn't out of the question. But, the upcoming road stretch will really expose whether they're the real deal this year. So, is the surprise ToD really the Chargers? Hmm. Vikings always look good early, but w/o Randy Moss they're not so Super, and can they avoid their usual late season choke? They'd be hard pressed not to win the NFC Norse. Rams' worst enemy is their head coach. Will he be back next season? Will they win the division with a 9-7 record? More likely Seattle pulls it together to win the division, leaving the Lambs out of the post-season. Injuries aren't helping the Jets or Jaguars. They might be banging it out for the Wild Card spot at the end, but I see whoever comes in #2 in the AFC West snagging that spot. Spoiler teams that might sqeak in and/or shake some stuff up: Ravens, Rams). No one will want to play the Chiefs down the stretch, and they could spoil some team's Wild Card run.

So, as of Week 10, I'm seeing this in my crystal ball:
Playoff picture, AFC: Chargers, Steelers, Colts, Patriots, W/C: Broncos
AFC Championship: Steelers @ Patriots
Playoff picture, NFC: Seahawks, Vikings, Giants, Falcons W/C: Green Bay
NFC Championship: Falcons @ Eagles
Super Bowl: Pats vs. Eagles (even odds)

Coaches on hot seat: Saints (he's gotta go this year, right?), Rams (could anyone else replicate the Greatest Show on Turf?), Browns (solidified powerbase in organization, but how many shots can he get?), 49ers (hot, hot, hot in the whiniest fan base this side of the Mississippi, but owners too cheap to replace him?)


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