Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Good job, America

The mood here is somber, downbeat, and bitterly disappointed. Record turnout at the polls (most since 1968 anyway) and still Bush gets re-elected. The youth vote did get out in huge numbers; only problem is so did every other demographic. 18-29 year olds were 17% of voters, same % as 2000.

I'm not at all surprised, but it's mind-boggling how people could vote for that guy plus give the GOP control of the House, Senate, and the Supreme Court. I mean, has that EVER happened before? I need to look that up.

Anyway, the part of me that isn't recoiling in absolute horror is intrigued at just how much crazier it's going to get in the next 4 years and if this might ultimately help 3rd parties gain some ground. The Democrats really botched this one good. Lost the election and Kerry/Edwards' seats went to Republicans. The Democrats are just a debacle right now (and who's running that party now anyway? Daschle got handed his ass too).

This column pretty much sums it up.


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