Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

I am. It's that time again. The only pro sports season I pay more than passing attention to. Still not sure if I'll field a Fantasy team this year, but I do have some random prognostications.

NFC Championship Game: Vikings@Seahawks

AFC Championship Game: Dolphins@Jags

Chiefs make it to 2nd round and get bounced

Eagles miss wildcard spot by losing last game and someone improbable (49ers, perhaps) winning in a huge upset to play spoiler

I know the Dolphins should lose 10 games with Ricky out smoking the ganja until he unretires to play for the Raiders next year, but hey, I'm making a call now they make a run to the Big Game. I haven't been able to find updated Futures odds in Vegas yet, but I'll post it if and when I track them down.

Next random calls to come around week 4 or 5. That's about the time I called the Panthers to go to the SB last year. I'm seeing if I can repeat. I'm also hoping the Bears can get to .500. Too bad about Booker, liked that guy, but Ogunleye is a nice pick-up. I hope he's worth their best (proven) offensive player.

This doesn't mean I still don't think people should pay more attention to what their government is up to instead of how many yards their hometeam QB tossed, though. Or maybe studied a little history rather than memorizing meaningless stats like the ERA of the starting rotation of the 1962 [insert favorite team here].


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