Monday, October 18, 2004

Boss Bandit & Uncle Willie

Willie, Burt, and the Duke boys

They're doing some interesting things w/ the casting of that Dukes movie, that is for sure. I wish they woulda went w/ Knoxville for Crazy Cooter instead of one of the Duke boys. Luke Wilson as Luke, Owen Wilson as Bo, Knoxville as Cooter, Amy Smart as Daisy (but Simpson should be aiight--hope for God's sake they make her a brunette), Vince Vaughn as Roscoe P. Coltrane, Will Ferrel as Enos. I don't mind Burt as Boss Hogg or Willie as Uncle Jesse. Ashton Kutchner and Paul Walker cameos as Coy and Vance. Who does that leave? Shit, that would be funny. They better be using the original General Lee ('67-'69 Dodge Charger) w/ the Rebel flag intact too.

Speaking of interesting casting, how about those rumors John Woo is looking at Nic Cage for Skeletor in that new live action He-Man flick? Nic Cage must be really into the skeletal thing right now, since he's doing Ghost Rider next.


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