Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fact-checking the VP snoozefest...

Fact checking the VP debate. Edwards annoyed me to no end during that snoozefest. I thought I was watching G. Dubya up there reciting his preordained talking points ad naseum whenever he got the chance. Listen, dude, you ain't going to win anybody over by not answering the question at hand. People see right through that crap. Cheney is up there misrepresentin' and lyin' his tail off and you can't call him on it? That was a seriously underwhelming performance and a huge disappointment after the promise Edwards showed at the DNC. I mean, he was obviously full of crap on a lot of shit he was talking, but at least you could see people getting behind him. Last night was a debacle for Edwards and calling it a draw would be very generous.


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