Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weasels in a Box: You're the Enemy--draft in progress

Fat Wreck Chords is releasing a Screeching Weasel collection, WeaselMania, this fall. As many of you know, Weasel has been one of my favorite punk bands for around 13 years. I'm going to review the final tracklist and then update the review when I get my grubby hands on the actual CD.

[insert Spin magazine 1990-91/green day, lookout blurb]

[definitions: anthology-retrospective/best-of/greatest hits]

[insert my suggested titles: my friends are all famous, ...and out come the weasels, weasels in a box, you're the enemy]

WeaselMania tracklist:
Boogadaboogadaboogada (Asian Man)
1. My Right
2. Ashtray
3. Supermarket Fantasy
4. Hey Suburbia

My Brain Hurts (Asian Man)
5. Cindy’s On Methadone
6. My Brain Hurts
7. What We Hate
8. The Science of Myth

Kill The Musicians (Asian Man)
9. She’s Giving Me the Creeps
10. I Wanna Be a Homosexual

Wiggle (Asian Man)
11. Jeannie’s Got a Problem With Her Uterus
12. Joanie Loves Johnny

Anthem For a New Tomorrow (Asian Man)
13. Peter Brady
14. Totally
15. Leather Jacket
16. Every Night

How To Make Enemies and Irritate People (Asian Man)
17. Planet of the Apes
18. 99
19. I Wrote Holden Caulfield

Bark Like a Dog (Fat Wreck Chords)
20. Phasers on Kill
21. You Blister My Paint
22. Cool Kids
23. The First Day Of Summer

Major Label Debut (Panic Button)
24. Racist Society

Television City Dream (Fat Wreck Chords)
25. Dummy Up
26. Pervert At Large
27. Speed of Mutation

Thank You Very Little (Panic Button)
28. My Own World

Four on the Floor (Panic Button)
29. Video

Emo (Panic Button)
30. Sidewalk Warrior
31. Static

Teen Punks In Heat (Panic Button)
32. Bottom of the 9th
33. Gotta Girlfriend
34. You’re the Enemy

[insert originally suggested tracklist, based on NoFX collection apparent base parameters, note how relieved and impressed w/ final tracklist--w/ 34 tracks, no 'crybaby' a disgrace, otherwise great.]

Weasels in a Box: You're the Enemy

Racist society
Dummy up
Cool kids
Pervert at large
Hey suburbia
Veronica hates me
My right
Peter brady
Burnout girl
Thrift store girl
Every night
Surf goddess
Jeannie’s got a problem w/ her uterus
The science of myth
Cindy’s on methadone
I hate your guts on Sunday
Kamala’s too nice
Radio blast
My friends are getting famous
You’re the enemy
I wanna be a homosexual
Supermarket fantasy
I wanna be naked
Murder in the brady house
Fuck the World*


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