Friday, February 06, 2004

Super Bawl Bra-ha-ha...

For the love of Tito, what is the big deal w/ Janet Jackson's boob hanging out during the Super Bowl halftime show? The milisecond a star-covered nipple was on screen was hardly anything more scandalous than anything Lil' Kim shows up wearin' to any given awards show. For that matter, lots of celebs hit the red carpet w/ their boobs in full niptacular effect. Has the FCC or middle America not seen MTV, um, like, ever?

The damn halftime show at the Super Bowl is so lame and boring, anyway. Not like Britney sticking her tongue down Madonna's throat or anything. Nothing Britney does, short of announcing her disrobing in an upcoming Playboy issue, strikes as remotely interesting regardless. Maybe if she stuck her tongue down Xtina's throat...

We digress, however. Super Bowl. Janet's booby. Yawn. Who cares? Does the US Gov't really have nothing better to do than have a full scale investigation into a nip-slip? That Head Boob in the White House nipping, er, napping, by halftime (when was that anyway, like 9 or 10 pm? Poor wittle guy had to be tuckered out by then. Must be time for another trip to Crawford for some R.N.R. Yee-haw!) has to be overjoyed. By all means, let the FCC investigation of an exposed breastesses overshadow any WMD lead us not into annihilation intelligence investigation. Puh-lease. My name is Kiiiiiiid Roooock. Bam de bam do boom titty Old Glory poncho? I can only imagine the 'controversy' if J.J.'s titty hadn't stole the show...then there'd be only Kid's flag fashion to bitch and moan about. Get that Flag desecration amendment off the ground, by Jesus...

BTW, the Patriots won in 2002 in the season after 9/11...the Patriots win again in an election year. Conspiracy? Patiot Act...goood for you. Really.

Speaking of amendments to the blessed Constitution of these United States. An amendment to define marriage as only between a man and a women? Really? I mean, really? That is necessary? That is a priority? That sure will solve great social ills in this country. Sure, it really will. Should be right up top there ahead of healthcare, education, um, jobs, maybe? What a frickin' tool.


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