Tuesday, September 21, 2004

In honor of Star Wars DVD Release Day

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Broken Arrow: 100x Hiroshima nuke just chillin' in the ocean...

Bombs away...

You know, if I lived in Georgia or, um, anywhere in the entire southeastern United States, I might be a little concerned about this. That and the other 10 (known) missing bombs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dukes of Hazzard casting--guess it could be worse...

Stifler as Bo, Knoxville as Luke...Jessica Simpson as Daisy?

Better than Paul Walker and Aston Kushner I guess.

Simpson really is eating Britney's lunch these days.

I hope this is more SuperTroopers, less Club Dread. I wasn't blown away by Starsky & Hutch, but maybe that guy will do ok w/ the Dukes script.

The Madness of King George


Greedo still shoots first, I wish I had the strength to boycott this DVD set. Hayden as Anakin's ghost in ROTJ? Geesh. Well, at least they didn't replace the old guy's face w/ old-age make-up Hayden. I suppose I'll have to watch these before puking all over them, but I'm not looking forward to having to sit through them.

Now the changes done to THX-1138 don't look to be nearly as retarded. But, then again, I wasn't all that big a fan of the original. Haven't seen it in years and all I remember was that it was very white (as in lots of white backgrounds/walls), very boring, and very derivative of 1984 and Brave New World. But, compared to Star Wars, where the changes (at least in the 1997 re-release) were very clunky, ill-fitting, and lame, the changes to THX-1138 seem relatively subtle and serve to make a drab film, severely limited by the original f/x budget, more interesting.

At least I'm intrigued to see the Director's Cut of THX-1138 instead of completely dreading the experience like I am with the Star Wars DVDs.

UPDATE: Most of the changes to SW are, indeed, retarded. No surprises there. Changing Boba Fett's voice to Jango Fett's is just plain stoopid. Yes, the Greedo shoots first scene is a titch better, but is still just plain lame. The Jabba scene is still terrible, as is the extra scene w/ Luke & Biggs at the end. Both of those play like the Deleted Scenes on DVDs where you say, 'yep, those belonged on the cutting room floor.' The revised trilogy does tie-in much better to the prequel trilogy now, but, in my opinion, that ain't no good thing. All it does is remind me how gawdawful the new films are and really makes me not want to watch any of the old Star Wars movies.

THX, on the other hand, was worth sitting through. I didn't mind the additions he did for that one. Relatively subtle and complementing the existing film, instead of intruding all over it. Plus, the documentaries about the early days of American Zoetrope and the making of THX, along with the commentary track were really interesting. In fact, the story behind THX-1138 is more interesting than the actual movie.